Debbie V Fitness

    I wasn’t born with great genetics, I worked hard for my physique. I struggled with being overweight and body image insecurities like many others face as well, but with proper instruction, hours of training, and the determination to change my unhealthy lifestyle, I succeeded. In the process, I found my passion in personal training and wanted to help others achieve their weight loss goals too.

    Now, with over eight years in the fitness industry, I am a certified personal trainer, nutritionist and life coach. I’ve competed in the National Physique Committee in bodybuilding Figure Division, placed top 5 in my class, and became Nationally Qualified in 2018. All of this experience has helped me to understand the body and how muscle is made and fat is burned.

    When I am not at the gym, I love kickboxing to get my heart rate up and to stay active in a fun, exciting way. Cardio at the gym can be boring and that is why it is always good to engage in activities that keep you interested and are fun. I traveled to Thailand to study Muay Thai Kickboxing at Tiger Training Camp and received a certificate of completion in 2013.

    I am also a sponsored Performax Labs athlete. Not only do I use their products, but I truly believe in their products.

    As a mother of three, I know how hard it can be to balance a full time job and try to make time for the gym. I recently had twins and made it a personal mission to find the best ways for myself as a mom to lose weight so that I may share it with other moms from first-hand experience.

    I am NASM and TRX Certified, I honestly think every trainer should have some kind of credentials, to ensure they know what they are doing.  I also believe a trainer should be someone that you can connect with and know that they can empathize with your struggle and I can. Many trainers were blessed with great genes and, although they know about nutrition and exercise, they have never walked in your shoes; I can honestly say that I have. I know where the frustration, guilt, and anxiety are coming from because I’ve been there. Let me show you how to get to be happy with your body and health. I truly believe that a healthy body equals a healthy mind. My goal is to inspire others to live that happy and balanced life.