Nutrition & Training Programs all include

    *Fuel surcharges apply if over a 10 miles radius from my training facility (zip code 90277).

    Package Plans (Workout & Meal Plan)

    8 Week Bounce Back Plan    $800.00

    12 Week Beach Bod Plan    $1200.00

    16 Week Mommy Make Over  $2240.00 

    One on One Personal Training available; use contact form for pricing.

    Life Coaching/Customized Nutrition Meal Plan 45min-1hour phone consultations consists of;  MACRO’s tailored to your age, body weight, activity level, talk about everyday life and the struggles of finding the right meals, eating out, or even just stressful situations only $115.00

    All of my programs work, as long as you are 100% committed and follow everything exactly. A contract will be emailed for you to sign, if I feel that you are not committed I will drop you from the program.


    Are you visiting from out of town? Staying for a week or longer? Want to keep your meals clean and train for a minimum of 2 hours maximum 5 hours a day. Look no further, I can assist you with a customized meal plans and  training, from  yoga on the beach to outdoor trails hikes or beach bootcamps. Just email me at or text me 310-619-1996. I have limited spots available.